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How To Care For Your Bike

Whether you use your bike every day or just for a walk, regular maintenance will keep it in good shape for a long time, and it will ensure safe travel.

As a general rule, you should not ever leave to the road unless you know it is in very good condition. First, when you sit on it you should touch the ground with the toes. Make sure the saddle is not raised above the maximum extension. Signaling devices must operate and be cleaned.

Whether you have a new bike or an older one, you must have in mind that bicycles must be clean and neat at a certain time, depending on how much you use it and where you walk. In urban areas they require less cleaning, while in rural areas should be maintained more often.

Besides the problems that you should leave in the hands of experts from service, if you want to make your bike serviced by yourself, you must consider the fork, handlebars, gears, pedals and gear boxes.
Brakes checking consist actually in their correct functioning. What does this work correctly? First, the correct adjustment of brakes gives the ability to fully benefit from the brakes. For V-Brake brakes make sure the following: V-Brake's arms work together, their pads are equally spaced from rim. It is very important that the brakes work properly. Same with the chain. Use a brush to clean it right after you've wiped with a soft cloth. Remove all grease and grime on it using shampoo bike. Clear it and then again with cloth to remove the remaining water. Do not forget to lubricate chain and all components of the brakes.

Another step to be taken in order to detect any problems with the bike is to check the wheels. This can be done very easy: ask someone to hold your bike, if you cannot do it, put yourself perpendicular on wheel and pull in the front and back. If it feels a hit, it means that something is wrong. It could be multiple causes: either crowns from the hub are worn and the hub must be changed or hub basins are not properly tightened.
In order to keep your bike in good condition is important to store it properly. Ideally, when not using it, is to store it in the garage; preferably, hanging from hooks not to put pressure on the tires. If you will store in the house, the heat may lead to condensation, which can lead to rusting metal frame. If you have to store it outside, buy a bike lock and a canopy to protect from the weather. If you follow these few basic tips, you will enjoy your bike longer and in the best conditions.

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